A simple reverse shell generator using tun0 and a specified listening port.

Available on github

I’ve been using this script for quite a while and finally decided to share it with the public. It’s came in handy during TryHackMe and other CTFs. I might add on to it in the future but for now it gets the job done. Feel free to fork the repo. I’d love to see what you come up with. If you have have any ideas feel free to reach out. More random tools like this and write-ups coming soon!

It’s time for another heist.

Difficulty: Hard

Room: Racetrack Bank

Created by: deltatemporal

Apparently my way to root was unintended and has since been patched. It did seem a little too easy so it didn’t really surprise me. I thought about redoing the privesc but 0day was nice enough to share his privesc notes for manageaccounts. Thanks 0day!

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